White Himal Television

We are proud to be Nepalese Americans and most importantly, a Nepali. White Himal is the first 24-hour Nepali Television channel operating from the international capital of the world, New York, USA.

White Himal Television believes in honesty, respect, and unity. We belong to the land of Lord Buddha, Mt. Everest, and gallant people who sacrifice their lives for peace and humanity. Therefore, in this world of globalization, it is our small effort to bring all Nepalese from around the world together and make one family: one Nation.

Mission and Vision

The main objective of White Himal Television is to promote Nepali culture and language locally, regionally, nationally and globally by entertaining and updating the news from Nepal and around
the world to Nepali community; and make abroad feel like home away from home.
White Himal Television envisions being the bridge through which Nepalese living abroad will connect to their language and rich cultural heritage.


In today’s fast-paced world, White Himal Television focuses on being online 24 hours. In order to reach out to more viewers, White Himal is not only available on the television sets in HD, but
also available online 24 hours via whitehimal.tv; and on smart phones and tabloids.
White Himal Television reaches across the world via multiple outlets and delivery platforms.

Ø Whitehimal.tv
Ø Vibble TV

Entertainment Anytime and Anywhere you want it.


White Himal Television targets all demographics. Key factors of White Himal Television’s shows and programs are Entertainment, Education, Information, and Awareness.


White Himal Entertainment Inc.
1407 Broadway, Suite 1704
New York, NY 10018




212.736.6527 (Fax)